Foundation of Computer System (CS 541)

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Review of Concepts of Computer Architecture: Study of an existing CPU: architecture, instruction set and the addressing modes, assembly language programming. Control unit Design: instruction interpretation, hardwired and micro-programmed methods of design. Pipelining and parallel processing, RISC and CISC paradigms, I/O Transfer techniques: programmed, interrupt-driven and DMA; Memory organization: hierarchical memory systems, cache memories, cache coherence, virtual memory.

Review of Concepts of Operating Systems: Processes, threads, Unix fork-exec model, Unix signals, synchronization, Inter process communication, scheduling, memory management.

Review of Concepts of Computer Networks: link layer protocols, local area networks (Ethernet and variants), routing, transport layer protocols. Concepts of distributed networked systems: Virtualization, distributed file systems, mass storage systems, recovery and fault tolerance, content networking including multimedia delivery.

Reference Books:

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Lecture #Link To ClassTopic CoveredRemarks
1Class 1: 7 Aug 2023Instruction Set Architecture & Design
2Class 2: 11 Aug 2023Processing Unit Design
3class 3 : 14 Aug 2023Processing Unit Design
4Class 4: 17 Aug 2023Pipelining
5Class 5: 18 Aug 2023Pipelining
Weekend Doubt ClearingWeekend Class : 19 Aug 2023
6Class 6: 21 Aug 2023Problem Solving Class
7Class 7: 23 Aug 2023Fundamentals of Computer System
8Class 8: 25 Aug 2023
9Class 9: 31 Aug 2023

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