Database Systems & Data Mining (CS 501)

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Data models: entity-relationship, relational model. Query languages: relational algebra, relational calculus, SQL.
Theory of database design: functional dependencies;
normal forms: 1NF, 2NF, 3NF,
Boyce-Codd NF; decompositions; normalization;
Transaction management, Concurrency control; error recovery;
Need for Data Mining Techniques, Data Preprocessing, Mining Frequent Patterns, Classification, Prediction, Clustering, etc
Data Mining: Knowledge Representation Using Rules, Association and Classification Rules.

Reference Books:

  1. Abraham Silberschatz, Henry Korth, and S. Sudarshan, Database System Concepts, McGraw -Hill.
    Database System Concepts – 7th edition (
  2. Raghu Ramakrishnan, Database Management Systems, WCB/McGraw -Hill.
  3. Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber and Jian Pei, Data Mining Concepts and Techniques, Morgan Kaufmann


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1Class 1: 3 Aug 2023
2Class 2: 4 Aug 2023
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5Class 5: 17 Aug 2023
6Class 6: 22 Aug 2023
7Class 7: 24 Aug 2023
8Class 8: 25 Aug 2023
9Class 9: 29 Aug 2023
10Class 10: 31 Aug 2023

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